Villa Fabrica

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Santorini, Greece

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About the Villa

The property has an extremely sleek and minimalistic loft–style design, and has been restored with a very deep understanding for its authentic Santorini architecture using the old method of polished cement and eco–friendly materials. Key elements of the factory have been involved into the design, and a big piece of machinery stands like an incredible sculpture as the main centrepiece of one of the multiple living spaces. The restoration project took years and years of meticulous research, as Fabrica is situated just underneath the historically well-known Castle of Pyrgos. The floors were painstakingly made by a local craftsman, who mixed several colors and cement to come up with the beautiful matte finish throughout. Santorini is popular for her organic Cycladic architecture, but it’s not every single day you get to witness one like this. You have to live here – to live in it and breathe in it Read More


Villa Fabrica ,Kallistis, Cyclades Islands

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