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About the Villa

Villa DIO is located on the highest spot of the island, on the edge of the cliff of the world-famous caldera. Unique to Santorini are also the cave-like dwellings dug out of the rock face along the high cliffs of the island, called cave houses or ‘iposkafo’ in Greek. The villa provides an endless view of the Aegean Sea and to the volcano. The simple white walls combined with the minimal design of the villa and the colorful sunset view complete the perfect picture and indulge all your senses. The villa consists of three double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and accommodate up to six persons. Each of the villa’s three bedrooms has a king bed, en suite bathroom, TV and air conditioning. They have direct access to the patio with an endless sea view, offering unique moments of relaxation. The comfy living room of the villa filled with elegant furnishings and a fully-equipped kitchen ideal for preparing special dishes. The perfect combination of style, incredible views and prime location of the villa offers the guests one of the most unique experiences in the island. The outdoor patio of the villa consists of a luxuriously living space of 150sqm, with six sunbeds and a dining are Read More



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