Looking for a romantic escape from the chaotic noise of city life? Pleasant climate, magnificent exquisiteness, historical forts, ancient caves, beautiful lakes and hundreds of cheap bungalows and villas on rent to choose from makes Lonavala the most sought-after destination in India. Imagine relishing the natural beauty it has to offer in a private swimming pool villa enveloped by Sahayadri hills. Choose from the oodles of attractive villas we have to offer and get in touch with the owner directly.


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Mawi Infinitty Villa Lonavala

From $ /night

Bedrooms 4 | Guests 9

Aashiyaanaa Villa Supreme

From $ /night

Bedrooms 5 | Guests 10

Aashiyaanaa Villa Imperial

From $ /night

Bedrooms 4 | Guests 12

Infinity Villas Nirvana

From $ /night

Bedrooms 4 | Guests 12

Paradise Villa Lonavala

From $ /night

Bedrooms 4 | Guests 8

Dream Villas

From $ /night

Bedrooms 3 | Guests 10

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Best Places to visit in Lonavala

Get inspiration for Lonavala

Villas on rent in Lonavala 

Amidst Pune and Mumbai, lies Lonavala. Lonavala is a land surrounded by serene and thick forests. It’s a destination for many to ease their stress and enjoy all the beauty that this place has to offer. From copious waterfalls to beautiful lakes, Lonavala offers a wide variety of places to visit and activities to do due to which you will not be disappointed one bit if you decide to visit this place. Along with this, you can have the luxury of living in villas on rent in Lonavala.


Activities and things to do in Lonavala 

Lonavala is an ideal place for nature lovers. Along with being adjacent to gorgeous sites such as Rajmachi and Khandala, this is a place where you can loosen up and have the most dreamy time admiring the refreshing and charming Mother Earth. With abundant forts and an impressive sight, Lonavala has it all.


Here are the things that you can do in Lonavala 

Visit the fanciful Bushi Dam: Bushi dam being a part of the Indrayani river, is a place that is surrounded by the most calming atmosphere. The mountainous landscape that this dam is surrounded with adds on to the charm of this place.

Visit Duke’s Nose for a delightful trekking experience: Duke’s Nose, which lies about 7 kilometers away from Lonavala, is the most authentic place for all the adventurers. Along with being known for hiking, it also has a gorgeous view, which will leave you feeling awed. 

Visit Lion’s point: Located between the Amby valley and the Bushi dam, Lion’s point is the most wondrous place to go to for seeing the sunset while it’s dreamy golden-like sunlight falls on your face. With the most gorgeous prospect, this place will give you the most refreshing feeling. 

Visit the Amba Valley: Located about 24 kilometers away from Lonavala, this enthrall valley is the most fascinating place to visit. With the most dazzling view, this valley is the most authentic place to spend time with your loved ones. 

Visit Imagica amusement Park: Haven’t we all heard of Imagica? This adventurous water park is a perfect place to go to with your friends and family. With stunning and huge rides to the most fun-loving activities to do, Imagica is the most ideal place for everybody. Situated on the expressway of Mumbai and Pune, Imagica is a dreamy place for many.

We highly recommend you to visit the above places to make the most of Lonavala. A few other things that you can do are book a bungalow on rent in Lonavala to have the most home-like feel. Shopping for Lonavala’s special chikkis, checking out the wax museum, Karla caves, and other such places are few of the other impeccable activities to do.


Climatic conditions in Lonavala

Lonavala has an equatorial climate throughout the year. Along with frequent rains, Lonavala is mostly humid. It is best to visit this place in monsoons because the climate will be favorable to you.


How to reach Lonavala

The Pune airport, known as the Lohegaon Airport, is the closest airport to Lonavala. You can rent vehicles from this airport to reach this destination. Another close airport is the Mumbai domestic airport. It is best advised to travel to Lonavala on a road trip.


Discover and Enjoy Luxury Villas experiences in Lonavala

The most convenient part about our villas on rent in Lonavala is that you get to communicate directly with the villa and bungalow owners due to which you won’t have any problematic encounter.


Available Villas Types & Amenities In Our Luxury Villas In Lonavala

Many tourists fancy a private pool villa on rent in Lonavala, which is why we provide the most suitable Lonavala villas on rent. Depending on the number of people, we provide villas appropriately. Amenities such as WiFi, cleaning services, swimming pools, billiards are all facilitated. 


Advantages of vacationing in a Rental, private villa

The most prominent part about our services is that you can search for luxury villas in Lonavala with  swimming pool that is best suitable for you. We have a diversified variety due to which we are confident that we have something pleasing for everybody. From spacious washrooms, kitchen room, and bedrooms to exquisite backyards, we have it all. Moreover, most of our villas are close to a lot of locations that have an enjoyable view.


Why choose us for Villas in Lonavala?

  • Living in private villas while on vacation is a luxury that one can have. This is undeniably the best way to have the most valuable trip. We try to provide you the most compelling and worthwhile experience. 

  • Our website is like no other. Our only focus is on providing a platform for rental villas. You can search for your exemplary villas with ease without even having to pay any service fees. 

  • We will provide detailed information about the villas free of cost. Don’t make rash decisions and abruptly choose the first villa that you see on the Internet. With our search engine, you can take your own time to find the most trustworthy villas on rent in Lonavala. 

We provide budget villas for rent in Lonavala, which is why you can have a very cheerful and mesmerizing experience with having to pay a minimal cost.


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