Akrotiri Private Residence

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Santorini, Greece

  • guests

    10 Guests

  • room

    5 Rooms

  • beds

    5 Beds

  • bath

    9 Baths

About the Villa

On this land, blessed by the gods, Akrotiri Private Residence is an architectural jewel perched on the hills of the Akrotiri caldera. The villa’s aesthetics harmoniously combine the island’s ancient history with modern demand for luxury and comfort. Built in an area of 4500 sq.m. the villa imperiously gazes at the Santorini caldera, offering its lucky guests unique views of the volcano. The large courtyard, smart design and incredible views also make the villa an ideal choice for a memorable wedding, a wedding reception or a party. Akrotiri Private Residence is a destination as unique as the island of Santorini. The combination of the landscape, building and services offers a magical escape from the daily grind. The guests, who choose to stay here on their holiday or to have the wedding at the villa, will have a truly inspirational and memorable experience. The interior area of Akrotiri consists of 5 bedrooms on the upper level and another 4 on the lower, all with en-suite bathrooms, two kitchen areas and two living rooms. Read More


Akrotiri, Santorini, 84700, Greece

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Villa Rules
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  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

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