Casasolare Rakalia Casa Nel Verde

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Sicily, Italy

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About the Villa

The House in the green is typically Mediterranean style for the bright white color and the vegetation of pines and olive trees in which it is immersed. It is the right place for those who want to relax and enjoy a quiet holiday, sitting and reading and chatting in one of the two external verandas of the house. The location of the House in the green allows you to easily reach enchanted places such as the Riserva dello Stagnone with the beautiful Island of Mozia ; the tower of San Teodoro, where the waters of the lagoon are often low and allow the crossing on foot from the mainland to Isola Lunga, another of the Reserve's islands. In addition, for those wishing in the evening to take a walk through the city center, full of wine bars and small restaurants, the historic center of Marsala is just 5 km away. La Casa nel verde , with its simple and well-kept furnishings, is suitable for families and is ideal for going on holiday with your four-legged friends. Read More


B & B CasaSolare Rakalia Contrada Ragalia 388b, Marsala

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