La Vecchia Dimora

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Sicily, Italy

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    10 Guests

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    5 Rooms

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    7 Beds

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    4 Baths

About the Villa

“Vecchia dimora resort” is located in the valley underneath the town of Centuripe. The town was officially founded by the Greeks as a “Magna Graecia” colony but there is evidence of people living there even before, all the way back until 4000 years ago in the bronze age. The town is nowadays a touristic attraction with strong historical relevance and offers museums and particular pathways that terminate on breath-taking panorama on Mount Etna and surroundings. The Villa offers five large bedrooms, both en-suite and shred bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living room with fire place and TV corner with satellite services and DVD player. A broad furnished patio will please you with an enchanting vista on the Italian countryside hill. The building itself was established in the 19th century as a residence for a wealthy landlord to control his gardens form above. It now maintains its peacefulness with all the modern commodities such as a solarium terrace with a swimming pool and unlimited WiFi air conditioning and so on, all situated in the most perfumed Sicilian countryside. Read More


La Vecchia Latteria, Via San Pietro, Centuripe

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