Seven Sands Acqua Villa

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Lonavala, India

  • guests

    10 Guests

  • room

    3 Rooms

  • beds

    5 Beds

  • bath

    3 Baths

About the Villa

A perfect getaway from the bustle of daily life, Seven Sands Ville serves as an ideal location for a perfect weekend escape. Situated amidst the tranquil surroundings of Khandala, the villas promise to take you on an expedition where your mind, body, and soul can relax and synchronize with the pleasant weather and lush green surroundings of Mother Nature. The ambience complemented with the elegance of nature-inspired décor promises to indulge you in an invigorating and sublime experience. Read More


Seven Sands Ville, Ward H, Old Khandala, CTS 182, Near Khandoba Mandir, Taluka Maval

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  • imgwifi
  • imgtv
  • imgiron
  • imgfirst aid kit
  • imgair conditioning
  • imghangers
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Villa Rules
  • check smoking

Not Allowed
  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

  • notallowed visitors

Activities near villa
  • imgplay area
  • imgcycling
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