Della Villas 4bh

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Lonavala, India

  • guests

    8 Guests

  • room

    4 Rooms

  • beds

    5 Beds

  • bath

    4 Baths

About the Villa

Created to seem like a house, away-from-home, Della Villas will certainly leave you really feeling refreshed & pampered. The magnificently designed 3, 4 and 5 room villas are a best option for your amazing getaway. Provided stunningly with king size beds and also spaciously luxurious washrooms, Della Resort Villa Rooms is the utmost weekend location of your desires. Relax and also loosen up in style while you appreciate all the services of the 5 celebrity hotel, and naturally the experience of a cutting edge Villa Read More


Della Resorts, Kunegaon, Khandala

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  • imgwifi
  • imgtv
  • imgiron
  • imgfirst aid kit
  • imgair conditioning
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Villa Rules
  • check smoking

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  • check loud music

Not Allowed
  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed visitors

Activities near villa
  • imgplay area
  • imgtable tennis
  • imgcycling
  • imgAdventure Sports Spa
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  • Check In: 14:00 & Check Out: 11:00

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