Baan Lacoume

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Koh Samui, Thailand

  • guests

    10 Guests

  • room

    5 Rooms

  • beds

    6 Beds

  • bath

    5 Baths

About the Villa

This stunning villa includes swimming pool dealing with the infinity sea view till completion of the horizon. Baan LaCoume is a 5 bedroom villa with 4 en-suite king-size beds with full private en-suite restrooms as well as one bedroom with two solitary beds.The villa is fairly sizable with 400 square meters of livable area as well as ideal size for household getaways or pal's celebration. The villa encounters the eastern therefore you can take pleasure in the sun increase every early morning. You will certainly also experience the sensations of leisure and also harmony taking a trip via area and time Read More


404/33 Moo 1 84310 Amphoe

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Villa Rules
Not Allowed
  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

  • notallowed visitors

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