Taru Villas Lighthouse Street Gallefort

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Galle, Sri Lanka

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About the Villa

The finest villas in Galle serve as a hallway to the colonial era. In its location, decor and demeanor, this brilliantly elegant villa in Galle Fort will let you breathe and experience the opulent history and undisputable charm of the island's most famous seaside town. Located in the core of Galle's gigantic trademark, 'Taru Villas - Lighthouse Street' is a reverential celebration of this UNESCO Heritage Site, offering easy access (never more than a 10 minute stroll) to the full display of nearby sights this town has to offer. Whether you select to witness the multi-sensory experience, that is a walk around the Fort and the grander township, or choose to spend a day on the smooth sands, 'Taru Villas - Lighthouse Street' is the ideal place to relax and reinstate your energies without ever losing touch with the heart of this distinct place. Read More


42 Lighthouse Street, Galle Fort

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