Villa 41 Lighthouse

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Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

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About the Villa

41's history is part of its charm, built sometime in the mid 1800's, the property can be traced through title deeds showing ownership of families such as The Fox's in 1903, The Jansz and the Blacker family in the 1920's and the Marikar family in the 1930's. 41's current owner discovered the derelict property in the 2002 whilst visiting friends in Galle Fort, the house was home to a donkey and the Fort was a community with no shops, restaurants or boutique hotels. Fast forward 15 years and Galle Fort is now a hustling and bustling tourist destination with fantastic hotels, bars and restaurants, and 41 sits right bang in the middle of the action. Having undergone a 3 year renovation in 2002 and more recently another renovation, the villa is considered Galle's first and most loved luxury home, staffed by three long serving Sri Lankan's who love nothing more than to cook wonderful meals and show guests around Galle Fort and its surrounding beaches. Today 41 offers its guests a peaceful and tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of Galle Fort. Retaining all its original charm (the walls of the main house are made of coral and date back over 150 years), 41 also boasts all the lux Read More


41, Lighthouse Street

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