Villa San Blas Superior And Chillout

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Las Palmas, Spain

  • guests

    6 Guests

  • room

    2 Rooms

  • beds

    4 Beds

  • bath

    2 Baths

About the Villa

The decoration of this villa is very contemporary; simple and at the same time reflecting the Canarian traditional style. In each Villa you will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with an ambience where comfort and modernity complement one other. All our guests are provided with pool towels and a bathrobe. You will love the peace, harmony and detachment of these romantic villas with spectacular views over the entire coast of Puerto del Carmen. Read More


Calle Pablo VI, 8, Tias

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  • imgwifi
  • imgtv
  • imgair conditioning
  • imgDVD player
  • imgBBQ facility
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Villa Rules
Not Allowed
  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

  • notallowed visitors

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  • imgwater sports
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