Villa Puri Angsa

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Bali, Indonesia

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About the Villa

Like many Australians I have become a regular visitor to Bali. The heady mix of culture, climate, surfing and business has given me many reasons to return to the island and over the years my love of all things Indonesian has grown dramatically. During a visit to Bali in 2003 I was introduced to the well-known and well-respected Sumatran teak merchant, Pak Aulia. I had previously heard of Pak Aulia and was familiar with his furniture, plus I had seen a book containing pictures of the beautiful home that he had built in Seminyak. Shortly after our meeting Pak Aulia put the house up for sale and motivated by curiosity more than any intention to buy, I decided to have a look. As is the case with most visitors to Puri Angsa, I fell instantly in love with the place and halfway through my tour I decided to buy it. This was in spite of my long held belief that there is absolutely no need for a person like myself to own a house in Bali due to the ready availability of so many large and very comfortable rental properties. Along with the buildings on the property I also bought most of the contents. The main house, a two hundred year old traditional Sumatran structure, was a virtual museum, Read More


Villa Puri Angsa Saba, Blahbatuh

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