Tooth Mountain Farm

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Karjat, India

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    10 Guests

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    5 Rooms

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    9 Beds

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    5 Baths

About the Villa

Tooth Mountain Farms is a 20-acre store ranch remain situated alongside ND studios on Karjat road regarding 200 meters from Chowk Phata having 5 distinctly styled collection spaces with connected bathrooms, a private lake, lap-pool, an art village and a plant baby room. The farmhouse consists of 2 frameworks-- the primary villa, which has two spaces as well as the outhouse, which has 3 spaces. The primary villa is where we offer morning meal because it has the kitchen, dining table, hall and various other common locations such as TV room. The outhouse lies next to the swimming pool Read More


Villa Tooth Mountain Farm

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  • imgtv
  • imgfirst aid kit
  • imgair conditioning
  • imgDVD player
  • imghangers
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  • notallowed smoking

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  • imgcycling
  • imgBadminton
  • imgtrekking
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