Vythiri Misty

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Wayanad, India

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About the Villa

Vythiri Mist lies in the rich eco-friendly hazy hillsides of Wayanad and also lies 1300 m over the water level making it one of the coolest places to remain in God's own country. Spread over a substantial area of over 14 acres land, it is surrounded by thick tropical forests and has a stream working on one side. The resort lies in the middle of coffee, cardamom ranches with pepper vines and also fruit trees (Orange, Jackfruit, Lemon, Magnolia, Banana, Lychee & Chikoo). The solemnity and tranquility of the natural beauty of the surroundings has actually been preserved during the building and construction of the hotel Read More


Charity Road, Old Vythiri

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  • imgwifi
  • imgtv
  • imgiron
  • imghairdryer
  • imgfirst aid kit
  • imgDVD player
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  • imgdryer
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Villa Rules
Not Allowed
  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

  • notallowed visitors

Activities near villa
  • imgcycling
  • imgArchery
  • imgzip line
  • imgtrekking
  • imgvalley crossing
  • imgburma bridge
  • imgladdering
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