Wildflower Villas Villa Morning Glory

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Candolim, India

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    8 Guests

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    4 Rooms

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    5 Beds

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    4 Baths

About the Villa

Facing south and west side, is the newly designed villa boutique villa in Goa in sunny yellow clipped with morning glory blue hues. Unlike the other villas in the region, this villa has four exclusive suites, two upstairs and two downstairs. The upper and the lower two rooms can be linked via an in-house door to form a large apartment for a team, family or friends touring together. Overseeing the Nerul river and beautiful rice fields, the suites have large living room, a brilliant and sunlit bedroom and modern bathroom. There is also a lavish verandah with an in-situ chaise-lounge to unwind and watch the excellent views and snoop to Wildflower’s many birds. Read More


1709/A1, Near Saipem Sports club, Candolim Beach road

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  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

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