Villandas Rural Pison De Fondon

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Asturias, Spain

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About the Villa

We give you a warm welcome to this peaceful village in the Asturian mountain . Villandás is located in a natural landscape of great beauty and totally separated from the conventional tourist routes, thus preserving all its charm and authenticity. From us they say many good things , and we are proud of that. We love this place and we want to share it with you. Here you can enjoy our spacious gardens, explore the garden or simply relax with a book in one of our two houses . It is a place to rest and renew where peace and silence are part of everyday life. We respect our environment and use natural and ecological materials: wood, stone, lime, linen, cotton ... The two houses have independent and private spaces outside that you will not have to share. Read More



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Villa Rules
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  • notallowed smoking

  • notallowed pets

  • notallowed events/parties

  • notallowed loud music

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