Villa Vistarenni

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Siena, Italy

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About the Villa

Villa Vistarenni nestling in the Chianti hillside is located in the heart of Tuscany, treasure chest which contains priceless gems. The richness of detail, antique furniture and prestige, are expertly mixed with contemporary design furniture. You feel enveloped in a sense of family and belonging, as if, even for a short time, your life was tied to the true nature of this historic house. With its own private consecrated chapel , an architectural delight of 1584, protected by cypress trees and dedicated to Magdalena de ' Pazzi, one of the most important and revered ecstatic saints of Catholicism, Villa Vistarenni can become a beautiful and romantic place for weddings and ceremonies. In the beautiful historical cellars underneath the villa, excavated in the rock and vaulted by a brick cross vault, wines improve and mature in big oaken barrels and barrique. After a visit to the cellars, you can taste our Chianti Classico and along with all the other wines of the winery in our wine shop. Read More


Localita' Vistarenni, 53013 Gaiole

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