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Top 8 Places To Eat Lip Smacking Food In Lonavala

The ultimate street food, restaurant and dhaba guide for Lonavala that you cannot miss out on during your weekend getaway.

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station located on the Pune district of Maharashtra. This attractive city is situated on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and at a distance of 111.5 km from Mumbai. This picturesque hill station is a tourist point and round the year there are honeymooners, travellers, celebrities, and youths from around the corners of the world. It is a perfect escape from the chaos of city life.

Since this place is a tourist destination, they have something for everyone in here. Here are some places that serve some delicious cuisines:

1. The Kinara Village Dhaba


The Kinara Village is in the heart of downtown Lonavala on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway. The restaurant is known for their conventionally cooked food with great flavours and taste. It has been serving from a very long period of time.Their staff takes pride in providing a warm service. Many of their visitors are good friends with the staff. The ambience is also very comfortable with outdoor seating to have food.

2. Buchi Misal


This is the best missal, arguably in the district. It’s so good, Marathi film actors sneak in for a plate on weekdays. If you’re the adventurous kinds, ask for the extra spicy tarri, it will give your taste buds a great experience! It’s ridiculously affordable for the taste they provide – just INR 60 for all that goodness.

3. German Bakery Wunderbar


Another place to eat in Lonavala is German Bakery Wunderbar. The bakery is located in NH4, Old Highway of Lonavala and is a great place to grab a brunch. The ambiance is very soothing with good music played in the background. They serve multi cuisine delicacies at a reasonable price and with good portions.

4. Golden Wada Pav



If you ask a native where they go to get a vada pav, after much mumbling and grumbling about fat queues and traffic jams, you’ll hear, “Golden”. Admittedly, to the unaware eye, it’s a blink-and-miss shop on NH4, were it not for the long line and a lone man continuously frying vadas, bhajiyas, moong dal pakodas, samosas and jalebis. The pakodas are great but it’s the Jain (garlic-free) vada pav that everyone files up for. The secret, we’re told, is in the fiery thecha chutney, which the Khandelwals use liberally to flavour the potato patty.

5. The Oven

The Oven Lonavala

You will fall in love with everything about this restaurant, be it the raw wooden layout, the amazing views of waterfalls, the excellent hospitality, the lip-smacking pizzas or the tandoor ice-cream! It is a must visit when you’re in Lonavala. They have an option to customize pizzas by choosing your own base (healthy options available!), sauces along with the toppings. The ingredients they use are all grown in the farm right behind this restaurant! Oh! And the cherry on top? They have very, very cute rabbits! 

6. Rama Krishna


On weekends, come rain or shine, the Shetty-run establishment plates up a staggering 500 steaming rice roundels drowned in spicy-hot sambar served with freshly grated, green coconut chutney (Rs 55), says manager Somnath Shetty. Finally, contrary to popular belief, RK serves meat and in fact, makes a mean butter chicken besides for housing a well-stocked domestic bar.

7. Ganesh Pav Bhaji


You want to taste the best-selling and tasting masala pav on this side of the Sahyadri mountain range? Ganesh does it right for you. You like it extra spicey – you got it. You want the extra butter to give your arteries a run for an artificial stent – you get that too. Ganesh Pav is probably the most delicious masala pav you have ever eaten, for INR 20 only.gateaway

8. Sunny da Dhaba


If you are in Lonavala then Sunny’s Dhaba must be visited to try their delicious food. The Dhaba has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. You are a chicken lover then you should try their Chicken masala, Chicken Hariyali, and Chicken Tandoori, in fact, all their chicken items are scrumptious. Their lassi and tea is a must which is best to enjoy with Chikki. It is located on Mumbai Pune Highway.

Looking for a romantic escape from the chaotic noise of city life? Pleasant climate, magnificent exquisiteness, historical forts, ancient caves, beautiful lakes and hundreds of cheap bungalows and villas on rent to choose from makes Lonavala the most sought-after destination in India.

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