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The Dubai Diaries!

They say it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. So that is what I did, visited Dubai in 2012. Fast forward to 2018, this is me, returning from my 7 day trip from Dubai because this state has so much more to offer in just the span of 5 years that I had to witness it myself. You name it, Dubai has it. Or if it doesn’t have it, it’s building it.

For me there is no ideal time to visit this place, if you’re heading here, be well prepared for all the free tanning you’re signing up for. However, the temperature does cool down after it gets dark here. What I realised pretty soon onto my second trip which I didn’t during my first is that this place is so much more than a concrete jungle. There are endless number of wonderful things to do here for every type of traveller. Sharing a few secrets from my itinerary that’ll help you make your visit a memorable one:

Burj Khalifa

How can one not visit the 828m high skyscraper which currently holds the record for the tallest building in the world. This breath-taking attraction is one of the reasons why people visit this state. Would recommend you to indeed be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

Desert Safari

If you love thrill and adventure, this has to top your to-do-list when you land here. Dune bashing and sandboarding followed by a mesmerizing dance performance and a lip-smacking barbecue dinner is something you cannot miss out on.

Old Dubai

How often does one get to see old homes made out of limestones and coral? Know what Dubai looked like prior to the economy boom by visiting several stores and shops in Bastakiya where you can also purchase traditional products from.

Jumeirah Mosque


Hands down the most stunning mosque that I have ever come across. No doubt that is the pride of Islamic architecture. It seamlessly blends traditional design with modern sensibilities.

Jumeirah Beach

You need to see the sand of this sea! The glorious Jumeirah Beach provides stretches of white sand made to relax and play. Either go grab a mat and enjoy the colors of the sunset or stroll around cafes.

Bollywood Park

Come here to create stories that will be narrated for a lifetime. The most exciting adventure playground that I have visited. It has something to offer for everyone. Embrace yourself for some hair-rising thrills that will blow your mind away. P.S – It will be difficult to bid adieu to this wonderland.

Luxury Yacht Experience

Savour the best views of the Dubai skyline by hiring a yacht. Sit back and relax with your loved ones and simply enjoy views that will sweep you off your feet. Out of the Marina and around the palm, this ride is the perfect way to end your day.

Fountain Show At Burj Khalifa

If you live for the small joys that life has to offer then trust me you are going to love this. At the base of Burj Khalifa is the lake which houses the world renowned choreographed fountain that happens in the interval of every half an hour until 11pm.

Dubai Frame

One of Dubai’s latest attraction’s is the Dubai Frame. Made to perfection, Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park and gives you a glimpse of the past, present and the future Dubai.

La mer

Vintage street art, lip smacking food, waterpark alongside a calm beach sounds like a perfect day out. If Dubai is the cake then lets just say La Mer is the cherry on top of it.

For a place that constantly evolves and still has so many places under construction, Dubai will never disappoint any traveller from any part of the world. You can find some of the best villas in dubai to make your trip unforgettable.

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