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Most Underrated Beaches of USA

If your idea of an ideal holiday is a beach vacation, you must have your shades, hat, sunscreen and beachwear ready for these stunning hidden USA beaches!

But how do you choose your ideal beach destination? Just look up the reviews online or follow your traveler friends and popular travel bloggers? How about going to uncrowded and untouched beaches? Exhilarating, isn’t it? If relaxing by the beach is all you crave and you do not want to visit the usual and frequented beaches, here are untouched beaches that are the most underrated. They make for romantic, relaxing and adventure-filled getaways.

Second Beach, Washington:

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The Olympic coast in the USA offers mesmerizing views of the three stunning beaches that it houses. It makes for a heaven for hikers with lust forests and enchanting shorelines. The beautiful wildlife amidst canopied forests is a feast for the soul and will leave you craving for more. As you approach the vivid shoreline, the amazing feel of breeze caressing your hair and sounds of waves fills the heart with joy. The sparse crowds and solitude are the cherry on the cake at this stunning destination.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia:

USA Beaches

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Whether you ask the travel agents or go by popular experiences, you will find many votes in favor of the Virginia beach but only a few travelers are aware of the beautiful little beach to its south. Away from the overwhelming crowds, quietly lie the beautiful secluded beaches and mindblowing dunes of Sandbridge. You will abound with delight as you come across the stunning marshes and open waters in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. If you crave some adventure, get on a kayak and make your way through the spellbinding beauty of False Cape State Park.

Cumberland Island, Georgia:

USA Beaches

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If there is a beach destination that houses the most spectacular features in the most untouched way, it is Cumberland Island in Georgia. The lack of exposure to civilization makes it a delight with intact marshes, dunes and lush forests along the 18-mile beach length. Beautiful wild horses will fill you with joy as you take a stroll along the beachline. You can also walk under the shadowed oak canopies. It is indeed one of the most secluded destinations in the state as it is accessible only by ferry and no other means.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida:

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Sun-kissed sands, artsy vibes, golf sessions and pleasant weather round the year form the beauty of Jacksonville Beach that is often overlooked by visitors. The solitude offers great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can choose to surf or swim in the pristine waters or just relax and enjoy a laid-back vacation.

Dry Tortugas, Florida:

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One of the other hidden USA beaches is in Florida, the Dry Tortugas. It transports you away from the humdrum of the mainland into sheer bliss and peach. This beach is accessible only by boat or plane and features seven little islands and a vibrant coral reef. It also offers a good sneak peek into history with Fort Jefferson, a prison building from the 19th century. Soak in sunshine or dive in for an amazing snorkeling and diving experience with mesmerizing reefs with sea fans, tropical fish and brain coral.

If you are looking for a beach destination that has the beach of beauty and vacation vibes minus the commercialization and maddening crowds, look at some of the villas listed on our website!

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