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Misty Trails and Mesmerising Sunsets – A perfect weekend at Lonavala

Just another day when I was relaxing at home and I got a message from a friend asking to pack a bag for Lonavala. I reached the place in about an hour and see a car waiting for me to get in. The car was occupied by a couple of my other friends. And as I squeezed in, I began a surprise road trip to Lonavala. At 10am we started our road trip to Lonavala. All of us were really looking forward to watching the mesmerizing sunset at Tiger Point.


The route via Mumbai Pune Expressway is absolutely breathtaking in itself. I recommend every traveler to drive to this location at least once.

Our first stop was Bhushi Dam. As it was the month of the dam was completely dry with very few people around. If you manage to reach here by 3 the surprise you will get to see is the place is sunny & shady at the same time. You might have seen this combination millions of time but Bhushi Dam defines this beauty in its own way.


The second destination was Tiger Hill. I cannot put to words the beauty of this place. The will make you hush and just sit there at ease taking in all that nature has to offer. Your mind rejuvenates. It’s hard to believe that a place so close to nature exists so near to Mumbai. We waited for the sun to set. The color transition of the sky from white to orange to dark is still vivid in my eyes. By evening it starts to become windy and chilly.

The locals there sell Sweet Corn and other snacks available are Corn Pakoda, Onion Pakoda, Samosa, and Vada Pav are absolutely lip-smacking.

Lonavala is a must-visit during both the Rainy & Autumn season. Lonavala is extremely crowded during monsoons (Jun – August), however Bhushi dam remains a good visit for this season. It rains almost 24×7 during the monsoons and every frame which you see is popped up in all shades of green. That is one side of Lonavala you might not want to miss. Lonavala is extremely different in the two seasons, making you feel you visited two different places each time.


Lonavala definitely calls for a weekend one day trip. You can visit it any time of the year but to see its true beauty monsoons are the time to be at this hill station. Also never forget to buy Chikkis on your way back home. Searching for affordable yet luxurious private pool villa in lonavala? Look no more. Click here to check out the wide range of villas listed with us.

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