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8 Restaurants And Cafes You Must Visit During Your Stay In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is somewhat like a meeting point for everyone, from party lovers to lazy travelers Interestingly Koh Samui Cafes and Restaurants.

Koh Samui is somewhat like a meeting point for everyone, from party lovers to lazy travelers. Interestingly Koh Samui Cafes and Restaurants also have a similar array of variety. Travelers will come across luxurious authentic restaurants to have the food that will blow their minds away. The food in these cafes and restaurants also showcases the culture of the people on a plate. Here are some places you cannot miss out on:

1. Saffron

koh samui


Experience a culinary journey through Thai flavours. A daring selection of authentic Thai with a touch of exuberant in a setting of understated elegance offering flawless views of Lamai Bay, Saffron gives you a choice of traditional dishes served alongside fresh innovations. Just like its namesake that is highly valued in the culinary world, Saffron Restaurant is among the most highly revered restaurants on the island. The signature dining place of Banyan Tree, Saffron is all about authentic Thai flavours and cozy Asian atmosphere.

 2. Sweet Sisters Café


You might have to hunt a bit to find Sweet Sisters, but it’s worth the effort. Their food is fresh and tasty and lots of it is organic. The cafes are as sweet as the name suggests and the iced coffee comes highly recommended. If you visit at breakfast time then try one of their signature omelettes paired with toast made from their own homemade bread, and leave feeling healthy and virtuous!

3. The Boudoir


Serving French Mediterranean style cuisine, The Boudoir is located only 100m from Wazzah Resort. The Boudoir is the perfect choice for a romantic dinner.  Travellers from all over the world have given the restaurant countless appraisals, not only for the quality and authenticity of the food but also for the welcoming ambience and the friendliness of the couple, Magali and Patrice. While Patrice dazzles diners with authentic, scrumptious French cuisines, Magali ensures that guests have a pleasant time at the restaurant.

4. Boulangerie Patisserie de Samui


Every now again the craving for some fresh, crusty bread takes over but don’t worry, Boulangerie Patisserie de Samui is there for you. Serving up traditional French bread and patisserie, this is as close to Paris as you’ll get on the island. A croissant is only 35 baht ($1) and a full French breakfast featuring a crusty baguette, croissants, butter, jam, juice and coffee will cost you about 150 ($4.50). The atmosphere is chilled and the staff are friendly.

5. Poppies


People who love experimenting with food, Poppies is the place. Poppies offer a very unique experience when it comes to the ambiance. It is the best authentic Thai food in Koh Samui in an Ayutthaya style, teak pavilion. Ayutthaya is a city on the banks of Chao Phraya River in Thailand. This city dates back to 1350 and once was a part of Siam Dynasty. Poppies serve scrumptious Thai and International food made out of Tropical Spices which gives an unexpected twist to the food. It also serves a wide range of drinks also.

6. Tanya’s Café


In our view, Tanya’s is the best café for breakfast in Koh Samui. The menu boasts an eclectic range of pancakes, sandwiches, breakfast plates and homemade cakes and all their ice cream is local produced. The cappuccinos receive particularly high praise, and at 80 baht ($2.50) they’re worth it. If you’ve got a hangover then their restorative juices might be just what you need!

 7. Tree Tops


Savor the beauty and flavours of Koh Samui and the elegance of Anantara Lawana in Thailand’s most romantic setting at Tree Tops Sky Dining and Bar. Step across to dine at one of only eight private Sala’s nestled in the 120-year-old tree top canopy while enjoying award-winning European – Asian flavours that draw the island’s most chick crowd for delectable romantic dinners each evening and languorous lunches on Saturday.

8. Dining On The Rocks


The award-winning Dining on the Rocks Restaurant is located at the tip of the headland and presents 270-degree views, whilst Dining on the Hill offers regional and international cuisine. Dining on the Rocks presents innovative food concepts, great service and of course that famous view and atmosphere. The brilliant architecture is ten terraced decks of weathered teak and bamboo.

A lot of restaurants offer a myriad of flavours waiting for you to be discovered. Come and be a part of this cosmopolitan melting pot, that has been attracting travellers for years now. For budget travellers and wealthy holidaymakers, we offer you an exceptional list of villas with private pools in Koh Samui to choose from.

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