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8 Places You Must Explore in India Before Visiting Their Foreign Counterparts

Stop lusting after foreign destinations and read our list of 8 must-visit places to explore in India that can give their international counterparts a run for the money!

If you’re an Indian who is taken by the beauty of foreign destinations published in international travel magazines, you need to look closer to home. You will be surprised to find that a whole lot of landscapes in Indian tourist hubs resemble those found abroad very closely. Don’t believe us? Check out the incredible images below and add these places in your India wander list before you travel elsewhere as these are the places you must explore in India:

Khajjiar > Switzerland

Before you go to Switzerland

explore in india




…visit Khajjiar. Popularly known as ‘Mini Switzerland of India,’ Khajjiar’s picturesque landscape and the spectacular views of snow-capped peaks in the distance will make you feel like you are in the heart of Europe.

Shillong > Scotland

Before you go to Scotland…

explore in india


explore in india

…visit Shillong. Also called ‘The Scotland of East,’ Shillong is a dreamy hill station popular for its beautiful waterfalls and nature trails along a serene lake. Adding beauty to the place is the aroma of pine trees and lush green vegetation.

Andamans > Madagascar

Before you go to Madagascar

explore in india



…visit the Andamans. If turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and splendid natural beauty is what you are seeking, you need to visit the Andaman Islands before applying for your Madagascar visa.

Rann of Kutch > Salt Flats of Utah, USA

Before you go to Salt Flats of Utah, USA…



Rann of Kutch


…visit Rann of Kutch. The flat snow-white salt marsh of Rann of Kutch will give you the most beautiful sunrise you have ever experienced. The rugged forts and the artistic crafts of the region are an added bonus.

Alleppey > Venice

Before you go to Venice…





…visit Alleppey. Kerela’s backwater paradise can give Venice a run for its money when it comes to natural beauty interspersed with crisscrossing canals.

Srinagar Floating Market > Bangkok Floating Markets

Before you go to Bangkok Floating Markets…

Bangkok Floating Market


Srinagar Floating Market

…visit the floating markets of Srinagar. Located within the iconic Dal Lake, a tour of this early morning market selling locally-grown vegetables can prove to be a delightful experience. Though, these days, boats selling touristy items like souvenirs, saffron, etc., can outnumber the vegetable boats!

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand > Antelope Valley, USA

Before you go to the Antelope Valley, USA…

Antelope Valley


Valley of Flowers


…visit Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. This magical valley is at its peak between the months of May to September, housing a variety of alpine flowers and flora. Antelope Valley in the US can wait!

Nainital > Lake District, England

Before you go to the Lake District, England…

explore in india



…visit Nainital. Popular with honeymooning couples and home to seven gorgeous lakes, Nainital has a British character because of the many educational institutions and a racecourse built by the Brits. Totally saves a trip to England!

So, you see why you need to travel and explore in India more before you start booking your tickets for a destination abroad. India is full of irresistibly gorgeous places that you can visit much more easily – and in a much lower budget – than their foreign counterparts. Bon voyage!

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