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8 Best Places For Solo Travel

Why wait for your friends or family to get the ball rolling when you can have a ball in these places mentioned below all by yourself! Many face the fear of solo travel but very few conquer it. Traveling alone can be life changing in so many ways, just take the first step and see where the path leads you. Pick any day to sleep-in, eaves drop at a club, head out for an adventure or sit by the beach. There’s nothing holding you back.

Here are a few places for every type of traveller intending to travel solo this time:

Thailand, Phuket

solo travel

Trust us when we say there is no easier city to travel around. Known to attract the younger lot, this place sure knows how to party right because last calls don’t exist in their nightlife. If you’re looking for a genuine Thai experience then nothing can get better than this.

Spain, Costa Brava

Costa Brava

You don’t need a plan when you are in Costa Brava because everything just works out here. If living in a castle with scenic views and waking up to the sea at your door is something you have always dreamt of then this is where you must go. The diversity here is unreal in terms of not only culture but the food as well! Pay a visit if authenticity plays a key role in your travel.

South Africa, Cape Town

solo travel

Solo travel in cape town is beyond liberating. When you’re visiting alone, you don’t really have to rack your brain on ‘what to do?’, because this place has so much to offer. Thrilling activities, exciting nightlife, museums and art galleries in abundance as well as magnificent sightseeing, this is the place to be if you’re looking for an overall package.

California, LA

solo travel

How can one feel lonely in a population of 3.8 million people? Take a hike, go to the beach, take a scenic drive, hit the spa, sip on cocktails, see a play or just hit the mike during a karaoke all by yourself. Honestly, no one gives a damn here! If you’re looking for a less-tourist filled experience then this is where you should be.

France, Bordeaux

solo travel

If you love walking by yourself and experiencing magical moments when least expected then this is where you should go. It is friendly, clean and laid back. The architecture and art here are something we admire the most. Cut off from the rest of the world and go find yourself at Bordeaux!

U.K, London


Resplendent streets, London bikes, Weekend brunches, local parks, football matches, music festival and lots of luxury product like watches, glasses, wallets and vintage shopping, ,  is what London is to us in a nutshell. Soak up the culture and all the treasures that London has to offer on your next solo trip. Remember, there’s never a dull moment here.

Germany, Hamburg


Say hello to the coolest city in the world, Hamburg. This city echoes all the good things in life. It not only has classy dance-all-night clubs but is also home to extraordinary architecture. As the years pass by, this city keeps getting more musical and multicultural. A must visit if you’re up for all the fun and frolic times during your trip.

India, Kasol


You know where a spur of the moment decision leads you to? Kasol. Explore the wild and find yourself by getting lost in camps that are set by the river, trance music and blissful nature. You are sure to find paradise in waterfalls and bonfires here. If you carry a brave heart and believe in living life to the fullest then the mountains here are calling you!

If you have any solo travel stories, share the with us!

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